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I strongly recommend Birth by Faith because of the support and training I received as a husband. This equipped me to advocate for my wife and feel confident in taking charge of the situations we faced during the birth of my daughter. It was refreshing to know that while Leslie prepared my wife for birth, she also prepared me to be a part of my wife’s support team. Thank you, Leslie.

Randee, Father of 2

Birth by Faith was sent by God to our family. We are very happy to recommend this service to anyone looking for top shelf doula services. Our doula was educated, experienced and more importantly connected with us on a deep spiritual level. She’s like family now. This was our second baby and we did not have doula services with our first child. We experienced a major difference this time around, as we were trained to advocate for a VBAC and motivated to work at achieving the best delivery. The support we received was priceless. Thank you Birth by Faith for an awesome experience in the midst of challenges.

Deona, Mother of 2

Consulting Services
Consulting Services

Leslie attended all 3 of our children’s births and she supported us in ways that were truly priceless. Her service with attending to my wife and helping us understand everything we needed to know about the birth process was extremely valuable. She was there supporting me and my wife pre, during and post labor. I would recommend Leslie and her company to anyone who is looking to truly have a strong support foundation for your next birth. She is the best.

Israel, Father of 3

If you want to be the best at any sport you know you’re going to have to get one of the best coaches. While in the game it’s easy to forget what you learned, it’s difficult to see everything that’s going on around you and that’s why the coach is there. They can see what you can’t, they have more insight to what’s occurring. That was my experience with Birth by Faith with the two times I had their services. It was fantastic that I didn’t have to remember everything from every YouTube video, book, blog, post etc. I had an experienced doula with an extraordinary amount of knowledge to help me during my labors that resulted in quieting my fears when pain came. I look forward to continuing this service for my future pregnancies.

Jessica, Mother of 3

Doula Services
Consulting Services

My experience with these services was amazing! I had such a bad experience with my first child birth with a C-section. But my second birth using these services made me realize that birth shouldn’t be a horror story. My experience with Birth by Faith made me see how beautiful and divine birth is and should be for everyone. I highly recommend these services to every mom that wants to experience something special during delivery.

Aura, Mother of 2

What was most helpful was that Leslie helped me label my fear and then encouraged me to not let it control my decisions and to believe positively that things were going to go differently. She helped me to let go and start trusting in my instinct of what I knew would help me achieve a better birth and to build up my faith in God. You really helped to change the trajectory of my birth plan and helped me to not settle for less than what I knew God had in store for me.

Paula, Mother of 2

Doula Service
Doula Service

Everything Leslie did for me was extremely helpful. From spending time with me in the hospital right from the delivery, to coming home after I had been discharged, and helping take care of the baby while I took a nap. She was truly a God send for our family during the season we welcomed our second daughter. We could never say thank you enough.

Pearl, Mother of 2


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